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Lung surfactant as an agent for wound treatment

The Problem

The treatment of non-healing chronic wounds is a challenge for the medical health care system. Chronic wounds usually develop as a result of diabetes, arterial insufficiency or venous diseases. Main goal for wound repair is the restoration of an intact barrier against physical, chemical and microbial damage. In addition, the occurrence of excessive wound healing with scarring and contracture formation is another area where new approaches are needed. The chronic nature of wound contractures often culminates in high recurrence, multiple operations, intensive physiotherapy and extended postoperative care.

The Solution

At University of Bremen a new wound healing strategy has been presented: The team of the Wound Repair Unit at the Centre for Biomolecular Interactions Bremen (CBIB) has shown the influence of lung surfactant on keratinocytes and the benefit of these interactions for cell migration and wound resurfacing. Lung surfactants contain phospholipids and surfactant proteins and are used as standard therapy for respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants. The positive effect of lung surfactant on wound healing was shown in vitro and in vivo. Topical application of lung surfactant or its components have an anti-inflammatory, pro-migratory and anti-fibrotic effect on skin wound healing. By treatment of wounds with lung surfactant wound healing may be accelerated, wound closure enhanced and scar formation reduced. The next steps towards product development are to show the effects in patients and demonstrate the effective use in clinical tests.

Advantages And Applications

  • Innovative and novel strategy for skin wound healing
  • Prevention of cutaneous scarring
  • Promotion of cutaneous wound repair
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-microbial effects are also expected
  • Reduced costs for health care system due to acceleration of wound healing and reduction of scarring
  • Lung surfactant is already approved as a drug therefore marketing authorization for medical products should be gained easily





Wound healing, skin and scar treatment, lung surfactant


European patent number 15166070.1


License agreement, purchase agreement, cooperation


Universität Bremen


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